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OGPEG Limited: Redefining Renewable Energy with Gravity

OGPEG Limited is a passionate team of clean energy experts on a mission to revolutionize the energy industry. We are pioneering a groundbreaking, patent-pending technology – the Gravitational Mechanical Energy Generator (GMEG) – that harnesses the power of gravity to generate clean and sustainable electricity.

While hydropower utilizes the force of gravity through moving water, OGPEG takes this concept a step further. Our innovative GMEG system offers a revolutionary approach that is not reliant on variable natural resources like wind or sunshine. Instead, it taps into the constant, reliable, and unlimited force of gravity, offering a game-changing solution for clean energy generation.

Beyond Traditional Renewables:

Traditional renewable energy sources, while crucial in the fight against climate change, have limitations. Solar and wind power depend on weather conditions, and hydropower relies on specific geographical features. OGPEG's GMEG technology aims to transcend these limitations, offering a more consistent and reliable source of clean energy with the potential to transform the energy landscape.

Our Mission


Provide stable and affordable priced renewable energy


Help alleviate energy poverty


Support the global effort with carbon emission reduction

Our Vision


Our Vision: A Sustainable Future Powered by Gravity

At OGPEG Limited, our vision is bold yet attainable: a future powered by clean, sustainable energy, accessible to all and achieved through the innovative power of gravity. We recognize the impact of human advancement on our planet. The strain on our environment is undeniable, and the consequences for generations to come are stark.

This is why we are dedicated to developing a revolutionary solution: the Gravitational Mechanical Energy Generator (GMEG). This groundbreaking technology harnesses the constant and reliable force of gravity to generate clean electricity. We envision a world where the GMEG displaces dependence on fossil fuels, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.

Our vision extends beyond simply reducing our impact. We envision a future where everyone, regardless of location or economic background, has access to clean and affordable electricity. The GMEG has the potential to empower underserved communities, unlocking possibilities for education, healthcare, and economic development. We believe that clean energy shouldn't be a privilege, but a right for all.

Through innovation and a commitment to sustainability, OGPEG Limited is determined to create a brighter future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Meet The Team

Innovative, serial entrepeneurs, salss experts, company management experts, are just a few of the increadible skill set the Founding Partners bring to OGPEG Limited.


Barend Faber


Barend Faber

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